Jul 12, 2017

Democrats sweep up surprise Oklahoma state seats

David Goldman / AP

Democrats snatched up two unlikely state seats Tuesday in Oklahoma, in Oklahoma City's 44th District and Tulsa's 75th, according to The Daily Beast. The 75th district seat had gone to Republicans for over two decades, and both have been historically red.

The trend: Democrats have now flipped four state seats from red to blue across the country, including in New Hampshire and in New York. Plus, as Daily Kos has documented, the GOP is winning by a narrower margin in red districts, and Dems are winning their districts by much higher margins. It's possible these shifts have been flying under the prime-time radar since Dems haven't yet flipped a special election for a Congressional seat.

A contributing factor in Oklahoma this week may have been the recent GOP resignations in Oklahoma over sexual harassment claims and child prostitution allegations, not to mention the budget crisis that's led to four-day weeks at Oklahoma schools.

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