Mar 14, 2017

Democrats are hunting for the "Trump Regretters"

Margie Omero of PSB Research has some interesting new polling out on how President Trump's performance in office has compared with voters' expectations.

Three key points, from PSB's online interviews with 800 general population respondents between March 6-9:

  1. "Three of the four traits on which Americans rate [Trump] as doing 'more than they expected' are negative."
  2. "He is particularly weak on 'going too far,' and 'getting sidetracked by things that aren't important.'"
  3. The good news for Trump: especially strong on keeping his promises, improving the economy, getting things done, and keeping America safe.

Why this matters: PSB Research, a Democratic-aligned firm, is measuring changes in Trump's image. They've identified a category of voters they call "Trump Regretters," and are testing what about Trump's presidency moves them. Based on her polling so far, Omero believes that the sense that Trump is "going too far" will make voters regret their vote for Trump.

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