Feb 27, 2017

Comcast adds another streaming service to its X1 box

Comcast customers who have the company's X1 set-top box will soon be able to stream YouTube videos through the device, the company said on Monday. It said the feature will go live this year, and includes a remote control that lets users search offerings by voice and already allows customers to stream Netflix content.

Why it matters: It's another attempt by Comcast to adapt to a world where viewers are as interested in web-hosted content as they are in the live television offerings that come in their cable package.

The Washington angle: Comcast introduced Netflix streaming last year against the backdrop of a regulatory fight over opening up the market for set-top boxes, so it was largely seen as a move to undercut its critics. But that's less likely to be a concern with new FCC leadership that has signaled it isn't interested in up-ending the set-top box market.

Note: Comcast's NBC is an investor in Axios and Andy Lack is a member of the Axios board.

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