Apr 11, 2017

Children's chances of surviving leukemia depend on where they live


Worldwide disparities in childhood leukemia survival rates have narrowed in recent years, but there are still wide gaps between developed and developing nations, a new study shows. In some countries, the five-year rate of survival is nearly twice as high as in others.

Why it matters: The findings underscore the need for more advanced medical diagnosis and treatment options in low- and middle-income countries where 80% of childhood leukemia cases occur.

What the data show: Researchers looked at individual leukemia patient data for nearly 90,000 children from 198 cancer registries in 53 countries. The five-year survival rate for acute lymphoblastic leukemia was 92% in Germany, 89% in the UK, and 88% in the United States for the most recent data available. It was 69% in China and just 52% in Colombia.

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