Jul 11, 2017

AT&T uses net neutrality protest to make its own case

Alan Diaz / AP

AT&T exec Bob Quinn announced Tuesday that the company would "join the 'Day of Action' for preserving and advancing an open internet" taking place the next day. It's a surprising headline, because the protest is set up to support rules that treat broadband service like a utility — rules that AT&T has fought for years.

What's going on: AT&T is running print and digital ads during the protest against the Republican-led plan to roll back 2015's landmark net neutrality rules that push for congressional action on the issue. But the company says it never spoke to the progressive groups organizing the event, and those organizers have blasted the company on Twitter.

Sound smart: This shows how, in Washington, every side says it wants a free and open internet. There's still bitter disagreement on what that means and how you get there — and that isn't going anywhere soon.

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