May 14, 2017

Apple's futuristic new campus part of a Silicon Valley trend

Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP

Apple is beginning to move employees to its futuristic new headquarters, which cost an estimated $5billion and is the latest example of tech's "newfound love for splashy architecture," the Wall St Journal reports.

  • Per WSJ: "the 2.8-million-square-foot circular building... resembles a spaceship. It features a seamless, curved-glass exterior and a theater architects said was designed to look like a MacBook Air" and was the combined effort of more than 100 architects.
  • Other examples: "Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc. have tapped top architects Frank Gehry and Bjarke Ingels for expansions, Amazon is building giant glass globes containing an indoor forest in Seattle."
Apple's old campusBen Margot / AP
Apple's new campusMarcio Jose Sanchez / AP
Part of the expansion of Amazon's campusElaine Thompson / AP
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