Jun 6, 2017

Amazon, Reddit to join digital net neutrality action

Paul Sakuma / AP

Amazon will join other web companies next month to provide "their visitors with tools to contact Congress and the FCC" in defense of the current net neutrality rules during a "day of action," progressive groups said on Tuesday. It will be joined by the advocacy groups and other companies — including Reddit, Etsy, Vimeo and incubator Y Combinator. The groups behind the protest say they are in the early stages of organizing the event.

Why it matters: Tech can appeal to its user base in a way many other companies cannot. That's helped Silicon Valley out in major policy fights before — especially in the fight over the SOPA and PIPA copyright bills and the last net neutrality fight — but it's an unanswered question whether they can summon that sort of political wave this time around.

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