New Zealand man jailed for distributing terror attacks video

Students display the New Zealand national flag next to flowers during a vigil in Christchurch on March 18, 2019.
Students lay tributes at a vigil in Christchurch on March 18. Photo: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images

Christchurch District Court on Tuesday sentenced a businessman to 21 months in prison for sharing live-streamed video of the New Zealand terrorist attack that killed 51 people — which he described as "awesome," Stuff reports.

Details: Philip Neville Arps, 44, pleaded guilty to 2 charges of distributing footage of the mosque shootings, which Judge Stephen O'Driscoll said was, in effect, a hate crime against the Muslim community, per the New Zealand Herald. Arps runs Beneficial Insulation, a firm that uses neo-Nazi imagery, according to RNZ. "You have strong and unrepentant views towards the Muslim community," O'Driscoll said, per Newshub.

Putin might try to swallow up Belarus

Lukashenko (L) and Putin on the ice earlier this year. Photo: Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

With Vladimir Putin's presidential mandate expiring in 2024, there's growing speculation he'll try to hold on to power by forming a Russia-Belarus union and placing himself in charge.

Why it matters: It's a distinct possibility given Putin's penchant for using legalistic steps to maintain a semblance of legitimacy. But it's not just about Putin’s job security — the Kremlin is waging a "creeping assault" on its neighbor's sovereignty and will take whatever steps it deems necessary to keep Belarus in its orbit, according to new research discussed today at the German Marshall Fund.