What you'll hear at Trump's climate event

Demonstrators costumed as U.S. President Donald Trump and polar bears protest against the climate change during climate conference COP in Bonn, western Germany, Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017. Photo: Bernd Thissen /dpa via AP.

Bonn, Germany — Top White House energy adviser George David Banks is hosting executives from coal and nuclear companies and a former energy adviser under President Barack Obama now at a natural-gas company to speak today to a UN climate-change conference. They'll talk about how more efficient fossil fuels and nuclear power can help fight climate change.

Why this matters: The Trump administration's event at the conference is drawing incredible attention, with protests planned and hundreds lined up more than an hour before it was to begin. It'll be the one chance for conference-goers to hear from the administration that pulled the U.S. out of a global climate change accord.