What Trump's top man on trade told Congress

In the Washington Post's profile of Peter Navarro, whom they call "Mr. Death by China," they catch what he said in a briefing last week with members of the Senate Finance Committee. His priorities:

  • Free and fair trade
  • Bilateral deals (not multilateral ones)
  • Reduction of trade deficit
  • Stronger industrial base
  • Automatic triggers for renegotiation of trade deals

According to people at the meeting, Navarro also said he wanted tools to punish currency manipulation and restrict subsidized, state-owned companies. And he said the WTO has been "unfair" to the U.S., and that Canada had "played" the Americans in NAFTA.

Why this matters: Trump picked Navarro to be head of the newly created White House National Trade Council and he's very in tune with the president's thinking on trade.