Feb 14, 2020 - Sports

What it's like to kayak over a 134-foot-tall waterfall

Courtesy: Corey Rich/Red Bull Content Pool

On Wednesday, American kayaker Dane Jackson (see that little red dot above?) safely navigated the 134-foot Salto del Maule waterfall in the mountains of Chile — the second-tallest such descent on record. Here's the video.

What he's saying: I spoke with the 26-year-old national kayaking champion, who is based in Tennessee but spends 10 months out of the year living in an RV or traveling abroad.

  • How'd you get into kayaking? "My dad was a pro kayaker and competed in the 1992 Olympics, so I was thrown into it right away. I ran my first river when I was two, and we lived in an RV full-time for most of my childhood, traveling to wherever we wanted to kayak and being around the river all day."
  • How do you train for this? "There's not a whole lot you can do, honestly, because every waterfall behaves differently. And not only that, but if you run the same waterfall 10 times, you'll have a different line every time. There are just so many variables. So for this, it was more about building up the confidence to do it."
  • What's next? "I actually head to Indonesia tonight to meet up with some friends of mine. I'll be there for two months, mostly on the island of Java, trying to find as many new waterfalls as possible."

Watch the video:

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"The Super Bowl kid" and other sports prodigies

Screenshot: Whistle/YouTube

Just before Super Bowl LIV, Fox aired a video commemorating the NFL's 100th anniversary. It featured a young boy running a football across America, with various NFL legends telling him to "Take it to the house, kid! before switching to the live broadcast, where the young boy ran onto the field and handed the ref the game ball.

Who is he? The star of the commercial is 13-year-old football and track prodigy, Maxwell "Bunchie" Young, who was named SI's "Sportskid of the Year" in 2017 and was recently featured on "No Days Off," a YouTube show about sports prodigies from Whistle (previously Whistle Sports).

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Mississippi flooding: Evacuations under way as Pearl River swells

Floodwaters are slowly on the rise in areas around the Pearl River. Photo: City of Jackson/Twitter

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) has declared a state of emergency as authorities brace for "historic" floods, with days of rain expected — as the Pearl River continues to swell in and around the state capital, Jackson.

What's happening: Evacuations have already begun, and the river isn't expected to crest until Monday. Reeves described the situation as "precarious." "We expect water to stay in the area for 2-3 days, with rain throughout the week," he tweeted.

Government agencies collide over airwaves for road safety tech

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Two arms of the Trump administration are facing off over airwaves long set aside so cars can eventually communicate with each other.

What's happening: The Transportation Department is pouring money into what it says will be life-saving connected-car tech that would ride on these mostly unused airwaves. Meanwhile, the Federal Communications Commission is moving to reallocate most of the same spectrum to expand WiFi service.

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