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"It would be very, very hard to make the math work." That was my gut reaction after seeing news that Walgreens Boots was in reported talks to be acquired by private equity, in what would be the largest leveraged buyout in history.

Driving the news: I wasn't alone. Blackstone Group CEO Steve Schwarzman said at a Reuters event that it's a "huge stretch doing things over $50 billion," and a Walgreens Boots deal would be closer to $70 billion (not even including assumed debt).

But, but, but: When private equity really wants a deal, it almost never lets size get in the way.

  • If equity is the problem, firms will club up and solicit massive co-investments from limited partners, non-traditional financial sponsors and/or strategics. Maybe they'll create a publicly-listed stub. It would be tough to find $20-$30 billion, but not impossible.
  • If debt is the problem ... Well, let's be honest: Debt is never really the problem. Leveraged lenders look wobbly from time to time, but it's always temporary.
  • Remember, even WeWork had $6 billion of committed debt (albeit tied to its ill-fated IPO). And count me among those who didn't think Dell could find new credit to buy EMC, until Silver Lake figured it out.

The bottom line: None of this means that a Walgreens Boots takeover is a sure bet, particularly given the political and pricing threats to pharmacies. But capital availability shouldn't be the deciding factor.

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Coronavirus dashboard

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Biden's big economic plan plays it down the middle for Democrats

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Joe Biden yesterday laid out the broad strokes of his economic policy platform, which seemingly is designed to not freak out centrists and not piss off progressives.

Why it matters: Biden has a better-than-even shot of becoming the next president, which means his tax plans could become everyone's tax bills.

Coronavirus surge punctures oil's recovery

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The growth of coronavirus cases is "casting a shadow" over oil's recovery despite the partial demand revival and supply cuts that have considerably tightened the market in recent months, the International Energy Agency said Friday.

Why it matters: IEA's monthly report confirms what analysts have seen coming for a long time: Failure to contain the virus is a huge threat to the market rebound that has seen prices grow, but remain at a perilous level for many companies.