U.S. options for North Korea look "grim"

KRT via AP Video

As tensions continue to rise with North Korea, two options for the path forward from NYT and AP:

"Attacking North Korea Would Risk Grim Toll" ... N.Y. Times' Motoko Rich in Seoul: "Even the most limited strike risks staggering casualties, because North Korea could retaliate with the thousands of artillery pieces it has positioned along its border with the South... [W]hile the South Korean government has indicated it may buy about 1.8 million gas masks for use in the event of a chemical attack, that would not be nearly enough to protect the population."

"Time is not on our side" ... AP National Security Writer Bob Burns: "The Pentagon has a total of 36 missile interceptors in underground silos on military bases in Alaska and California, due to increase to 44 by year's end. ... Sometimes likened to hitting a bullet with a bullet, the collision is meant to incinerate the targeted warhead, neutralizing its nuclear explosive power."