Nov 28, 2019

UNC gives controversial Confederate statue to Confederate group

Photo: Logan Cyrus/AFP via Getty Images

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announced it is giving its controversial Confederate statue, Silent Sam, to a Confederate heritage group, the Washington Post reports.

Why it matters: The statue has caused tensions to run high at the university, especially after students toppled it over a year ago. UNC's decision allows the statue to be preserved, but keeps it away from school grounds, notes the Post.

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112-year-old Confederate statue in N.C. is removed

Confederate flag. Photo: Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

A statue in Pittsboro, North Carolina, of a Confederate soldier was removed this week from where it stood in front of the city's courthouse for 112 years, Raleigh's News & Observer reports.

Why it matters: The private monument, owned by the United Daughters of Confederacy, caused a contentious divide over the past few years between those who protested its existence and those who wanted it left alone.

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Nikki Haley: Dylann Roof hijacked meaning of Confederate flag

Former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley Photo: John Lamparski/Getty Images

Former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley said that shooter Dylann Roof hijacked the meaning of the Confederate flag when, in 2017, he attacked a historically black church in Charleston, S.C., in an interview with The Blaze.

What she's saying: "People saw [the Confederate flag] as service, and sacrifice and heritage," Haley said, adding, "the national media came in droves — they wanted to define what happened. They wanted to make this about racism. They wanted to make it about gun control. They wanted to make it about the death penalty."

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ICE arrested 250 foreign students enrolled in the government’s fake university

Photo: Smith Collection/Gado via Getty Images

ICE has arrested about 250 foreign students since January for immigration violations because they enrolled in a fake university created by federal officials that advertises a graduate program for technology and computer studies, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Background: Federal law enforcement officials created the University of Farmington based in the Detroit metro area in January 2016. The school was staffed with undercover agents acting as university officials. DHS even went so far as to have the fake school listed on its own website, as well as on an accreditation agency's site.

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