Nov 28, 2017

U.K. agrees to pay up to €55 billion to exit E.U.

Photo: Matt Dunham, Pool / AP

The United Kingdom has agreed to pay the European Union somewhere between €45 billion and €55 billion as a part of its Brexit "divorce bill," according to The Telegraph's Peter Foster. The exact amount will be "left open to interpretation" in order to allow Theresa May's government political cover when presenting the final plan to the British public.

Why it matters: May will risk backlash from hardline Brexit supporters in her Conservative Party by agreeing to such a massive bill for Brexit. But the agreement will allow the U.K. and the E.U. to focus on the two huge issues still hanging over Brexit — the sovereignty of the European Court of Justice for E.U. citizens remaining in the U.K., and the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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U.S. enters 6th day of nationwide protests over George Floyd's killing

A protest in Philadelphia on May 31. Photo: Mark Makela/Getty Images

Local news footage captured a tanker truck appearing to drive toward protesters at a peaceful demonstration in Minneapolis, as demonstrators quickly got out of the way of the incoming vehicle on Sunday evening.

The big picture: Protests have continued across the country for six days, as demonstrators call for justice in response to the deaths of George Floyd and other other black Americans who have died in police custody or who have been killed in racist attacks.

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Tanker truck appears to plow into Minneapolis protesters

A tanker truck appears to have driven toward thousands of protesters during a demonstration in Minneapolis, video from the scene shows.

Details: Minnesota Department of Public Safety tweeted, "Very disturbing actions by a truck driver on I-35W, inciting a crowd of peaceful demonstrators. The truck driver was injured & taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He is under arrest. It doesn’t appear any protesters were hit by the truck."

Inside Trump's antifa tweet

President Trump at Cape Canaveral on May 30. Photo: Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

As recently as Saturday night, senior administration officials told me that the designation of a violent cohort of far-left activists, antifa, as a terrorist organization was not being seriously discussed at the White House. But that was Saturday.

Behind the scenes: The situation changed dramatically a few hours later, after prominent conservative allies of the president, such as his friend media commentator Dan Bongino, publicly urged a tough response against people associated with antifa (short for "anti-fascist").