Jan 23, 2018

Tsunami watches and warnings issued for West Coast of U.S. and Canada

A tsunami warning alert is seen on a notice board above State Highway 1 in Wellington. Photo: Marty Melville / AFP / Getty Images

All U.S. tsunami watches on the West Coast have been canceled following a 7.9 magnitude earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska early Tuesday morning, although advisories remain for Alaska, The Weather Network reports. Tsunami warnings for British Columbia in Canada have ended, but all clears are not yet issued for some areas.

Why it matters: “The first wave may not be the largest,” per The Weather Channel. Tsunami warnings and watches are frequently upgraded or downgraded as more observations come in.

  • Kodiak, Alaska reports tide levels rose three feet in a matter of minutes.
  • Buoys in the Gulf of Alaska early Tuesday morning detected Tsunami activity and The Weather Channel warned residents of Alaska and British Columbia to evacuate to higher ground and farther inland beyond the bounds of tsunami hazard zones.
  • Earlier estimated times of arrival of the first tsunami waves for different areas:
  • Kodiak 0145 AKST
  • Elfin Cove 0150 AKST
  • Seward 0155 AKST
  • Yakutat 0200 AKST
  • Sitka 0200 AKST
  • Valdez 0215 AKST
  • Cordova 0220 AKST
  • Sand Point 0220 AKST
  • Unalaska 0240 AKST
  • Homer 0250 AKST
  • Craig 0300 AKST
  • Cold Bay 0300 AKST
  • Adak 0305 AKST
  • Shemya 0345 AKST
  • Saint Paul 0400 AKST
British Columbia
  • Langara 0210 AKST
  • Tofino 0340 AKST
  • Neah Bay 0450 PST
  • Long Beach 0455 PST
  • Moclips 0500 PST
  • Westport 0505 PST
  • Port Angeles 0530 PST
  • Port Townsend 0555 PST
  • Port Orford 0505 PST
  • Seaside 0505 PST
  • Newport 0510 PST
  • Charleston 0510 PST
  • Brookings 0515 PST
  • Crescent City 0520 PST
  • Fort Bragg 0525 PST
  • Horse Mountain 0525 PST
  • Monterey 0555 PST
  • San Francisco 0620 PST
  • Port San Luis 0620 PST
  • Santa Barbara 0635 PST
  • Los Angeles Harb 0650 PST
  • Newport Beach 0700 PST
  • Oceanside 0705 PST
  • La Jolla 0705 PST

Hear the sirens residents of Kodiak, Alaska heard this morning:

Catch up with the latest: U.S. Tsunami Warning System

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