Trump's free reign at his Winter White House

President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping walk together at Mar-a-Lago. Photo: JIM WATSON / AFP / Getty Images

At Mar-a-Lago, President Trump can "be Trump," former campaign adviser Roger Stone told the Washington Post.

"Nobody tells Donald Trump where he can and cannot go...The president is able to get a lot of information that is normally blocked from getting to him...You don't have the minders. There is no doubt that he makes more calls."

Why it matters: Per the Post, aides view Trump's Florida golf club as "a respite...for him to recharge." He handles comments made on cable news better, and tweets a little less. But, it's also more difficult for his staff to control who he speaks to, as seen on Thursday when a New York Times reporter was able to sit with Trump for a 30 minute interview without any aides or advisers having a say.