Caitlin Owens Mar 31, 2017
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Trump will need Democrats for prescription drug policy

AP file photo

President Trump and congressional Republicans are on very different pages on prescription drug prices. Although Trump has wavered on his policy ideas, he generally backs a populist set of reforms. The rest of the GOP stands by its traditional free-market ideas.

This leaves Trump two options if he wants to get something done: Fall in line with the rest of his party, or reach across the aisle. "I think he may find that in order to get something significant done, he's gotta work with Democrats," said Rep. Elijah Cummings, who has been talking to Trump about his ideas.

What Trump wants, according to what he's said in public (although he's gone back and forth) and what Cummings said they discussed:

  • Allowing Medicare to negotiate prices
  • Allowing the importation of drugs from abroad, from places like Canada

Why we're watching this: After the embarrassing defeat of Obamacare repeal last week, the president could use a win, especially one with such widespread public support.