Apr 20, 2017

Trump on Iran, Paris and meeting the Pope

Susan Walsh / AP

Highlights from President Trump's press conference with the Italian Prime Minister, in which he warned Iran and said he plans to meet the Pope when he travels to Italy.

  • Health care or government funding next week? "I want both." Trump said there'd be a health care vote "next week or shortly thereafter."
  • On the shooting in Paris: "Again, it's happening, it seems…It looks like another terrorist attack. What can you say? It just never ends."
  • On Iran: "Iran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreement and they have to do that. They have to do that."
  • On the US role in "stabilizing" Libya: "I do not see a role in Libya. I think right now the United States has enough roles. We have roles everywhere."
  • His message to China: "You'll get a much better deal on trade if you do something about this menace that is North Korea."
  • On Gentlioni being asked about NATO spending: "I love the question you asked the prime minister. I look forward to his answer."
  • On refugees: "A responsible approach to refugees is one that seeks the eventual return of refugees to their home nation."
  • His upcoming trip to Italy: "I look very much forward to meeting the pope."

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Syria's darkest chapter

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The worst humanitarian crisis of Syria’s brutal civil war is colliding today with what could be the war’s most dangerous geopolitical showdown, after at least 29 Turkish troops were killed in an airstrike.

The big picture: The fighting is taking place in Idlib in northwest Syria, where a ferocious Syrian and Russian offensive has displaced 1 million civilians and infuriated Turkey, which borders the region.

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Fear of coronavirus pandemic escalates

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