May 19, 2017

Trump doesn't want to fund Affordable Care Act insurer subsidies

(Susan Walsh / AP)

President Trump has told advisers he wants to stop paying Affordable Care Act insurer subsidies, Politico reports. Without funding from the administration, exchanges could fall into chaos as insurers raise premiums or pull out of the markets. A lawsuit, brought by the House against the Obama administration, over the legality of the payments is currently pending.

Trump has said he thinks ending the payments will force Democrats to negotiate an ACA replacement. But some of his aides are worried Republicans would be blamed for intense market instability, as insurers may pull out or drastically raise premiums in response to not being paid.

What we're watching: The administration and the House are due for a check-in on the lawsuit on Monday. The case could continue to be delayed and appealed, or the administration could drop the case — meaning funding would stop.

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Coronavirus stress tests drug industry's dependence on China

A Hong Kong commuter wears a face mask. Photo: Miguel Candela/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

It's unclear whether the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus will actually result in prescription drug shortages, but it has undoubtedly highlighted the potential vulnerabilities of having the supply chain for American drugs so dependent on China.

Driving the news: About 150 prescription drugs — including antibiotics, generics and some branded drugs without alternatives — are at risk of shortage if the coronavirus outbreak in China worsens, per two sources familiar with a list of at-risk drugs compiled by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Bernie's path to the presidency

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks yesterday during a rally at Houston University. Photo: Mark Felix/AFP via Getty Images

Lots of Democrats are in full panic that Bernie Sanders will win the nomination and get clobbered in the general election — and bring the party down, too. But the evidence, particularly the polling, doesn't back those doomsday warnings.

Why it matters: Virtually every national and swing state poll shows Sanders tied with or beating President Trump.  And, unlike every rival, he has a huge base of fervent, unshakable supporters he can only grow.

These swing voters don't like Trump’s environmental rollbacks

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Swing voters in four battleground states decisively oppose President Trump’s sweeping rollbacks of environmental regulations — but it’s unlikely to sway their votes.

Why it matters: It’s voters living in states like these, including Florida and Pennsylvania, who fill pivotal roles electing America’s presidents, so we should listen.