Report: Trump wants to build up our nuclear stockpile

President Donald Trump and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis
Photo: SAUL LOEB / AFP / Getty Images

The Huffington Post obtained a pre-decisional draft of the Trump administration's 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), in which the Department of Defense calls for development of more nuclear warheads.

"The United States remains committed to its efforts in support of the ultimate global elimination of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons...Nevertheless, global threat conditions have worsened markedly since the most recent 2010 NPR...The United States now faces a more diverse and advanced nuclear-threat environment than ever before."
— Excerpt from the the 2018 NPR draft

Why it matters: Former administrations have reduced the nuclear arsenal. President George W. Bush cut it by half, per the NYT, and his father reduced it by 41%. President Obama said that the U.S. was committed "to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons," although the Times reports he cut our supply "less than any other post-Cold War presidency."