Top Trump campaign officials knew of Carter Page Russia trip

Carter Page, Trump's former foreign policy adviser during the campaign, speaks with reporters following his Nov. 2 testimony before the House Intel Committee. Photo: J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Carter Page's 6.5 hours of testimony before the House Intelligence Committee last week revealed that senior members of Donald Trump's campaign knew about Trump's former foreign policy advisor 2016 trip to Moscow, and were updated on the details of the trip upon his return, according to a transcript of the interview released Monday night. Page also admitted to meeting with high-level Russian officials, and said he relayed that information to his campaign supervisors.

Why it matters: It's long been known that Page, who has become a key figure in the Russia investigation, traveled to Moscow in 2016. But prior to his testimony he maintained that it was in a private capacity, and unrelated to his role with the Trump campaign. However, the transcript reveals that top members of the Trump camp knew more than they have let on.