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Theresa May reaches out to the working class

Frank Augstein / AP

A year after the UK's working class was a primary factor in Brexit, it appears to be key to how big a victory Prime Minister Theresa May will win in snap elections on Thursday. While she is taking fire after last Saturday's terror attack in London, that's why, even though polls say her Conservative Party will retain a majority in Parliament, May is attempting to persuade the working class that she is truly on their side.

May's key target: The "Jams," or the "just about managing," her administration's soundbite for the working class.

Why it matters: This election is May's attempt to win a mandate for her own particular brand of conservatism — an attempt to bridge the gap between traditional globalism and the populism that powered Brexit, reflected in her two oft-repeated mantras: "strong and stable" and "Brexit means Brexit."