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The very big differences in the Senate's health care bills

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Senate Republicans aren't sure what they're going to vote on this week — yet their options are vastly different. They all would make massive changes, but to different parts of the health care system, and with different winners and losers.

The "repeal-only" bill — which would gut most of the Affordable Care Act without replacing it — would likely cause the individual market to collapse in most of the country within 10 years and would end the ACA's Medicaid expansion, but would leave traditional Medicaid basically untouched. The "repeal and replace" bill, on the other hand, would be far gentler to the individual market but would make much deeper cuts to Medicaid.

Why this matters: While none of the options on hand are likely to pass, it's important to remember that the Senate GOP isn't having substantial debate about these big ideas. They're just trying to find something that will get 50 votes.