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The "Uber of health insurance" preps for Obamacare repeal

Oscar owes its existence to the Affordable Care Act's disruption of the health care market. A new feature from Backchannel shows how the fledgling startup is facing the law's imminent repeal.

The company's leaders say they'll survive because they have:

  • Flexibility to evolve faster in a changing market than more established competitors
  • Moved into the small business market, covering firms that offer insurance options to employees
  • Better user experiences (think: going to an Apple Store for your doctor's appointment)

Cofounder Josh Kushner, the brother of Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, sums it up:

Quote"It's like we're this beautiful spaceship that was able to be built because there was some new space program — but we launched in an unstable environment. But we can quickly redirect this beautiful spaceship to very stable environments."