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In this photo from Nov. 21, 1951, sixth-grade students crouch under or beside their desks — along with their teacher, Vincent M. Bohan — as they act out a scene from the Federal Civil Defense Administration film "Duck and Cover" at Public School 152 in Queens, New York.

Why it matters: For some baby boomers, North Korea's nuclear advances and Trump's response have prompted flashbacks to a time when they were young, and when they prayed each night that they might awaken the next morning, AP pointed out this summer. For their children, the North Korean crisis is a taste of what the Cold War was like.

Save this tape: "North Korea's deputy U.N. ambassador warned ... that the situation on the Korean peninsula 'has reached the touch-and-go point and a nuclear war may break out any moment.'" (AP)

  • N.Y. Times, from Seoul: "The United States military said ... that it would practice evacuating noncombatant Americans out of South Korea ... It has conducted similar evacuation exercises for decades."
  • "But with fears rising in the South that the United States might be preparing for military action against the North, the American military issued a rare news release ... stressing that [it] was a 'routinely scheduled' drill. The drill, known as Courageous Channel, is scheduled from next Monday through Friday."

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Investors have nowhere to hide

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The massive losses in oil prices and U.S. and European equities were not countered by gains in traditional safe-haven assets on Wednesday.

Why it matters: The unusual movement in typical hedging tools like bonds, precious metals and currencies means they are not providing investors an asset that will appreciate in the event of a major equity selloff.

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A look inside sports owners' political donations

Data: ESPN/FiveThirtyEight; Chart: Axios Visuals

Sports team owners in the four largest North American leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) have donated over $46 million in federal elections since 2015, according to research conducted by ESPN and FiveThirtyEight.

By the numbers: Over the past three elections, $35.7 million of that money (77.4%) has gone to Republican campaigns and super PACs, compared to $10.4 million (22.6%) to Democrats.

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Coronavirus dashboard

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

  1. Health: Large coronavirus outbreaks leading to high death rates — Coronavirus cases are at an all-time high ahead of Election Day — Fauci says U.S. may not return to normal until 2022
  2. Politics: Space Force's No. 2 general tests positive for coronavirus
  3. World: Taiwan reaches a record 200 days with no local coronavirus cases
  4. Europe faces "stronger and deadlier" wave France imposes lockdown Germany to close bars and restaurants for a month.
  5. Sports: Boston Marathon delayed MLB to investigate Dodgers player who joined celebration after positive COVID test.