The facts of life for Bill O’Reilly

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The brutal but foreseeable banishment of Bill O'Reilly pushes aside all other global events and gets a two-column lead splash from the N.Y. Times, "Fox News Ousts O'Reilly, A Host Central to Its Rise." It's partly a victory lap by the paper that lit the fuse with rat-tat revelations of cascading harassment allegations, triggering an advertiser exodus. But it's also a reflection of the change as a signal moment in the converging worlds of business, media, culture and politics. Your quick read on the aftermath:

See our amazing timeline, by Stef Kight and Laz Gamio.

Sentence of the day, from an emailer to CNN's Brian Stelter: "Have you ever stopped to consider how the world would have been different if Roger Ailes had just given Gretchen Carlson the new contract she wanted? All of this over a deal for his 2pm anchor."

Crucial context: "21st Century Fox is much bigger than O'Reilly, Fox News and its aging, conservative audience. It's home to movie and TV studios; a slew of sports and other cable channels; and the Fox broadcast network ... It's also home to ambitions that the O'Reilly crisis may have hindered."

Vanity Fair's Sarah Ellison: "The most unsettling feeling among some at Fox News ... is that Wednesday's events are only the beginning. 'There's more to come,' one Fox News insider told me, suggesting that there are more women with stories of harassment who have not come forward publicly. ... Others are equally concerned about the attention that is being drawn to 21st Century Fox's handling of the allegations."

The new lineup: O'Reilly's show, with Dana Perino filling in, was renamed "The Factor" last night. Tucker Carlson replaces O'Reilly at 8 p.m. starting Monday. "The Five" moves to Carlson's 9 o'clock slot. Martha MacCallum stays at 7 p.m. with the renamed "The Story." Eric Bolling gets a 5 p.m. show starting May 1.

Mikey Facts of Life: Life is more fair than unfair. If you do the right things for the right reasons, the arc of life bends toward goodness — with good results. But if you do the wrong thing for the wrong reason, the arc of life bends toward justice — almost always with bad results. Who cares if you make millions, and earn fame and power, if you end in public or private humiliation?

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GM deal for ventilators stalls as White House shops around

Photo: Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The White House canceled an announcement planned for Wednesday on a proposed venture between General Motors and Ventec Life Systems to build necessary ventilators amid the coronavirus outbreak, the New York Times first reported and Axios confirmed.

What we know: The announcement was called off to buy more time for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assess whether the estimated cost of more than $1 billion was too expensive, and how many ventilators would be produced. Per the Times, the deal could still happen, but government officials are currently looking at other proposals.

Coronavirus updates: Cases surpass half a million worldwide

Data: The Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins, the CDC, and China's Health Ministry. Note: China numbers are for the mainland only and U.S. numbers include repatriated citizens and confirmed plus presumptive cases from the CDC

UN chief António Guterres said the novel coronavirus is "menacing the whole of humanity" on Thursday, hours before the number of global cases surpassed 500,000.

The big picture: The U.S. now leads the world in confirmed coronavirus cases. Governments around the world are trying to curb the health and financial impacts of COVID-19, as infections surge across Europe and the U.S.

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Coronavirus dashboard

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

  1. Global: Total confirmed cases as of 8 p.m. ET: 529,591 — Total deaths: 23,956 — Total recoveries: 122,150.
  2. U.S.: Leads the world in total confirmed cases as of 8 p.m. ET: 83,836 — Total deaths: 1,209 — Total recoveries: 681.
  3. Federal government latest: The Trump administration is planning to label counties across the country as "high-risk, medium-risk, or low-risk" areas for COVID-19 — How the stimulus helps you.
  4. State updates: Louisiana is experiencing the fastest rate of infections with more than 2,300 cases total, including a burst of more than 800 in New Orleans over 24 hours.
  5. Business latest: How to understand the worst-ever U.S. jobless report.
  6. 🎧 Podcast: Bailing out the hospitals.
  7. What should I do? Answers about the virus from Axios expertsWhat to know about social distancing.
  8. Other resources: CDC on how to avoid the virus, what to do if you get it.

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