Caitlin Owens Feb 8, 2017
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The conservative wish list for Obamacare repeal

Rick Bowmer/AP

Key conservatives in both the House and Senate laid out their requests — and demands — for Obamacare repeal in a roundtable with reporters on Wednesday morning. Some go directly against what more moderate members of the GOP have asked for, while others are surprisingly in lockstep with what leadership wants to do.

What it means: These conservatives are opposed to the strategies that might bring moderates to the table, like adding pieces of replacement and watering down what gets repealed. That means leadership's job is getting harder.

Why this matters: The Freedom Caucus can sink measures in the House if it votes as a block. In the Senate, it only takes three GOP defectors to kill the repeal effort. While Sen. Mike Lee is just one vote, if he opposes the bill and is joined by conservatives like Sens. Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, the repeal bill can't pass in the Senate.

Read on to see the conservative wish list, as outlined by House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, former Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Jim Jordan, and Lee.