The big questions on Trump's hotel profits pledge

Trump's promise to donate profits from foreign governments that use his hotels straight to the U.S. Treasury has a whole host of problems. A quick summary, per the AP:

  • His promise is limited to hotels, ignoring his golf courses and other properties.
  • Foreign governments might not issue payments themselves, so what happens if there's a third-party?
  • "Profit" — like "deals" in Trumpspeak — is not a defined term. Profit on what? Rooms? Rentals? For what period of time?
  • Trump and his lawyers have neglected to explain how exactly he plans on disclosing these donations.

From an expert: Steven Carvell, a Cornell University School of Hotel Administration professor: "It's a monumental task to constantly run this down. Even if the company is trying its hardest and making its very best effort, it will be difficult to fulfill that goal."