The Air Force is speeding up cyber ops

F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft operated by the United States Air Force "Thunderbirds" perform at the Joint Base Andrews Air Show at Joint Base Andrews. Photo: Ron Sachs / CNP / MediaPunch / IPX via AP

The Air Force is about to wrap up its 16-month-long study on coordinating cyber, air and space operations, providing a potential playbook for how the Air Force will edge out adversaries in the future, per C4ISRNET, a publication that tracks military information technology.

Why it matters: The effort is based on the idea that the speed at which information travels — and therefore the speed of war — will dramatically increase by 2030. The Air Force needs to be able to respond more quickly to increasingly complex cyber threats, so it is trying to ramp up its ability to combine different operational systems' data in order to make decisions in real time.