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Gaming is antitrust regulators' blind spot

Illustration of cursor hands covering the eyes of a person in a suit.
Hope King
Feb 8, 2022 - Technology

Square dongle could be in trouble

iPhones to become credit card readers

Illustration of a small person at a giant iphone screen with a dollar bill on it, and a person behind the iphone in the dark

TikTok safety chief: Policy update aims to support "well-being of our community"

Eric Han and Sara Fischer

TikTok updates rules to combat viral hoaxes

Amazon raises base salary cap to $350,000 for corporate, tech workers

The logo of Amazon, (, Inc., listed US online mail order company), at the shipping warehouse in Kiekebusch, a district of the municipality of Schönefeld in the district of Dahme-Spreewald

Amazon finally reveals the size of its massive ad business

Snap stock soars on earnings beat, quarterly profit milestone

Snapchat "ghost" next to an upward financial chart.
Ashley Gold
Feb 3, 2022 - Technology

App store bill sails out of Senate Judiciary Committee

Senators Marsha Blackburn and Richard Blumenthal at a desk on Capitol Hill