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Sweden bans Chinese telecoms Huawei and ZTE from 5G networks

"China is one of the biggest threats to Sweden," the head of the country's security services said.

Oct 20, 2020 - World
Apple's iPhone 12 bets may take time to pay off

Its support of new technologies like 5G and lidar can vault them into the mainstream.

Oct 14, 2020 - Technology
Apple slates event for next week; next iPhones expected

Apple is expected to debut several new iPhone models supporting 5G wireless networks at the Oct. 13 press event.

Oct 6, 2020 - Technology
FCC: 5G could eventually help cities predict and prevent wildfires

"I think that those things are real and they are not so in the far off future."

Sep 22, 2020 - Technology
How QAnon works like a video game to hook people

Outside of its community of believers, QAnon's appeal remains dimly understood.

Aug 18, 2020 - Technology
San Jose makes 11,000 WiFi hotspots available for students

Students without broadband access will not be able to keep up with all-online classes.

Aug 3, 2020 - Technology

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Jul 17, 2020 - Health

Telehealth is unlikely to replace physical doctor's visits, even with 5G

Axios chief technology correspondent Ina Fried (L) with Mei Kwong, executive director of the Center for Connected Health Policy. Screenshot: Axios

Boosting telehealth services with 5G likely won't eliminate the need for physical doctor's visits, Mei Kwong, executive director for the Center for Connected Health Policy, said on Friday during an Axios virtual event on Friday.

The big picture: Telehealth has experienced massive growth during the coronavirus pandemic, as more health providers have had to pivot services for patients stuck at home.

Dave Lawler, author of World
Jul 16, 2020 - World

Merkel's reluctance to criticize China draws scrutiny

Merkel with Xi. Photo: Popow/ullstein bild via Getty Images

While countries including the U.S. and U.K. grow increasingly willing to challenge China on everything from Hong Kong to Huawei, Germany has steered clear of confrontation with Beijing.

Why it matters: Despite German Chancellor Angela Merkel's reputation as a champion of democratic values, her critics contend that when it comes to China, any such concerns are trumped by the economy.

Jul 15, 2020 - World

Pompeo announces visa restrictions on some Huawei employees

Photo: Andrew Harnik/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

The U.S. will impose visa restrictions on certain employees of Chinese telecom Huawei and other companies that "provide material support to regimes engaging in human rights violations globally," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday.

Why it matters: The Trump administration's latest escalation against Huawei, which U.S. intelligence officials view as a threat to national security due to its ties to the Chinese military, comes the day after the U.K. announced it will no longer allow the telecom to access its 5G network.

U.K. bans Huawei from its 5G network

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The U.K. said Tuesday that it will no longer allow Chinese tech company Huawei to access its 5G network amid growing pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take a stand against Beijing, the New York Times reports.

Why it matters: It's a big win for the Trump administration, which has sought to firewall Huawei from networks around the world and put intense pressure on its closest ally to make such a move.

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