David McCabe Feb 7, 2017
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Tech investors hit Trump on immigration

Evan Vucci/AP

A group of investors and startups have signed on to a letter critiquing President Trump's travel ban for individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries — as well as a reported draft order also focused on immigration. The key quote:

"We believe these actions are both morally and economically misguided, and will inflict irreversible harm on the startup community and America's ability to compete globally."

They also offered a defense of the tech industry's use of H-1B visas for high-skilled workers. Some in Trump's circle have been critical of the program as bad for American workers. "The fact that so many startups rely on H-1B visas only serves to illustrate [how important the program is to the industry], since no sensible, time-constrained startup would opt to rely on a bureaucratically difficult process for hiring foreign-born employees if simply hiring qualified American workers was an option," they said.

Who signed: Investors like Ron Conway and Dave McClure, as well as companies of varying size — including streaming video platform Vimeo and Pinterest.

The bigger picture: Tech companies have aggressively pushed back against Trump's immigration restrictions, as they face the impact of the executive order on their workers and pressure from customers and employees to speak up.