Y Combinator

Carbon removal tech is having a moment

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y Combinator has thrust carbon removal startups into the spotlight, amid growing concerns over climate change.

Why it matters: Venture capital's natural appetite for funding moonshots could make it a positive force — if it overcome disappointments from last decade's failed cleantech investments.

Sam Altman steps down as president of Y Combinator

Photo illustration: Rebecca Zisser / Axios

Sam Altman is stepping down as president of influential startup incubator Y Combinator, in order to spend more time on outside interests like the OpenAI research organization. He'll transition into a chairman role, with many of his day-to-day responsibilities assumed by YC's partners.

Why it matters: YC is known for breeding unicorns, having incubated such startups as Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe and Twitch.