World Order

The demise of world order

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The world order established after WWII is under attack and looks unlikely to survive intact, experts tell Axios.

Yes, but: The new conditions could have positive aspects. Here are thoughts about the new century from experts we spoke with.

What we're reading: Henry Kissinger on the rise of Trump

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For more than two years, we've been speaking of the threat to the liberal world order, shaken to its core by the rash of new autocratic-minded governments, and, most importantly, a change of heart by its creator and leader — the United States.

But this summer, I realized that I could know a lot more about what the world order actually is. On my bookshelf all this time, unread, was World Order, by Henry Kissinger, secretary of state and national security adviser to presidents Nixon and Ford. Over the last couple of weeks, I've dug in.

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