Pope Francis calls on Catholic Church to support women's rights

Pope Francis.
Pope Francis. Photo: Simon Kremer/picture alliance via Getty Images

Pope Francis urged the Catholic Church to be attentive to women’s "legitimate claims" for equality and justice in a letter released on Tuesday, acknowledging that the institution has a long history of "male authoritarianism, domination, various forms of enslavement" and sexual abuse of women and children, per the AP.

Yes, but: Pope Francis also noted that the Church cannot agree with "everything some feminist groups propose" — a clear reference to the Vatican's ban on a female priesthood — and he stopped short of recommending improvements for women’s roles in the Church.

Where the pay gap hits hardest

Woman hold a banner for equal pay
Photo: Alexander Pohl/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Over the last 3 years, the pay gap between American men and women shrunk by just 3 cents, per a new study from Glassdoor.

Details: Women went from earning 76 cents to a man's dollar to 79 cents. But, in some jobs, that gap is even wider. In industries where men generally outnumber women — like construction and energy — the pay gap tends to be more stark, says Glassdoor economist Daniel Zhao.