Snowy Colorado greets summer 2019

Mountains in Colorado
Photo: Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post/Getty Images

Parts of Colorado have received as much as 2 feet of snow, just 1 day after the summer solstice, reports CBS4 Denver.

Details: Snow is falling at higher elevations in the state, and in some parts of Montana. The flurries began on Friday evening, and the National Weather Service expects the storm to continue through Sunday, issuing Winter Weather Advisories.

Chennai water crisis leaves millions in India struggling for access

People gather around jugs of water.
Photo: ARUN SANKAR/AFP/Getty Images

A delayed monsoon season has left millions of people struggling to access clean water in Chennai, India, while alternative sources and methods prove costly and ineffective, CBS reports.

What's happening: All four of the primary reservoirs the city depends on are virtually dry, resulting in approximately 4 million people becoming dependent on makeshift wells that produce largely non-potable water. Environmentalists are also concerned that thousands of newly dug wells could dangerously disrupt the region's water table.