What your city's climate will be in 2080

By 2080, many urban areas in the U.S. could have a climate similar to cities today that are hundreds of miles to the south and southwest, according to a new study in Nature Communications.

Data: Fitzpatrick, et. al., "Contemporary climate analogs for 540 North American urban areas in the late 21st century", 2019; Note: Projection assumes C02 emissions continue unchecked; Map: Andrew Witherspoon/Axios

Australia just had its warmest month, with "unprecedented" extremes

A fire truck races towards a blaze in the Deepwater National Park area of Queensland.
A fire truck in the Deepwater National Park area of Queensland in November 2018. Photo: Rob Griffith/AFP/Getty Images

Australia has been stricken with long-lasting and widespread heat waves since November, and the record heat pushed the country's nationally averaged temperature for January to an all-time high since instrument records began there 110 years ago.

Why it matters: The heat waves, and ongoing severe flooding in northeastern Queensland, are the types of events climate scientists have tied to human-caused climate change. Heat waves and wildfires are projected to become more widespread and severe in Australia as the climate continues to warm.

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