America’s surprise economic powerhouse: North Dakota

Data: U.S. Census Bureau via Brookings, Opportunity Insights; Note: “Economic mobility” is measured as the average income percentile of children whose parents were in the lowest income quartile; Graphic: Harry Stevens/Axios

The newest U.S. economic hotspot is not in or near Silicon Valley, New York, or any tech corridor, but in the northern plains — specifically oil-infused North Dakota.

What's happening: This region, in the middle-north of the country, leads the nation in a string of economic indicators since the financial crash, according to a new report by the Brookings Institution. And North Dakota is atop the bunch.

Midterm fundraising breaks $2 billion

Democratic candidates running for Congress this year have raised more than $1 billion, while Republicans took in $709 million through September, according to a Washington Post analysis by Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Anu Narayanswamy.

Adapted from The Washington Post. Note: Data from 2018 are for general election candidates only; previous years are for all candidates. Chart: Harry Stevens/Axios

Why it matters: Democrats' record-shattering sum "highlights the party’s zeal to retake the House and Senate and underscores the enormous amount of money flowing into the midterm races."