Virtual reality

An old Macy's learns new tricks

Trying out Macy's VR furniture shopping and AR makeup browsing. Photos: Erica Pandey/Axios

At 2.5 million square feet, the Macy's in Manhattan's Herald Square is the largest store in the U.S. But an entire city block of real estate in one of the world's busiest spots is little more than a burden if the legacy retailer can't figure out how to attract customers in the age of e-commerce.

Visiting New York, I tested some of Macy's new virtual reality, augmented reality and machine vision features.

Virtual reality investor Mike Rothenberg settles SEC charges

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has charged venture capitalist Mike Rothenberg with “overcharging investors to fund personal projects, including sending millions of dollars to his own virtual reality production company,” according to a press release.

Why it matters: Without admitting or denying the charges, Rothenberg and his firm have agreed to settle the lawsuit, which is subject to approval from federal court. They have also agreed to be barred from the brokerage and investment advisory business for five years. This comes as Rothenberg has been working to revive his venture capital career and profile since the firm initially ran into troubles. His firm was known for hosting extravagant parties, which were paid for in part by investors' funds, according to the SEC.