Google AI is now in clinical use in India

Google's artificial intelligence machine that detects diabetes
Google and Verily are using this tool in India to help diagnose diabetes-related eye conditions. Photo: Verily

Google — along with its health care-focused sister company, Verily — has taken an artificial intelligence tool out of the lab and into real doctors' offices.

Why it matters: So far, AI tools in the health care world have mostly been useful for things like quickly reading and synthesizing a lot of medical literature — a few steps removed from clinical practice. Using a system like this for actual treatment is a big jump.

Alphabet's life sciences unit raises $1 billion

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser, Axios

Verily, a life sciences research and engineering organization formed by Google parent Alphabet, announced Thursday that it has raised $1 billion in new equity funding from Silver Lake, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and "other global investment management firms."

Why it's a big deal: Because it suggests that Alphabet is open to eventually spinning Verily out as an independent company.