USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal

The lack of corporate accountability

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

"Corporations are people," said Mitt Romney in 2011, famously, but if they are, they seem to have an impressive degree of impunity.

The big picture: Just like people, corporations display impressive instincts for self-enrichment and self-preservation, even when they're not-for-profits. They're not holding themselves to account, but — unlike real people — no one else seems to be holding them accountable either.

Senate panel asks FBI to investigate U.S. Olympic chief over Nassar scandal

USOC headquarters
Photo: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images.

A Senate subcommittee referred its investigation into the sexual abuse scandal of the U.S. Olympic Committee to the FBI on Friday after the panel learned a former head of the committee told them “materially false statements," Reuters reports.

Why it matters: The move comes after a report from the USOC on Monday detailing that former Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun falsely stated that he reported the allegations of team doctor for USA Gymnastics Larry Nassar. Blackmun did not inform anyone else at the USOC of the allegations, the report says.

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