Hays Travel saves 2,500 jobs with Thomas Cook takeover

A closed Thomas Cook branch
A closed-down brnach of Thomas Cook. Photo: Oli Scarff/AFP via Getty Images

Hays Travel, a family-owned British travel company, agreed to buy all 555 retail shops of insolvent Thomas Cook.

Why it matters: This could save upwards of 2,500 jobs, with Hays saying it plans to reopen many of the shuttered shops immediately. The rest will depend on landlord negotiations.

The real problem with action cameras

A go pro action camera

Two of the leaders in the action camera world, GoPro and personal drone maker Skydio, unveiled new products Tuesday, aiming to woo new buyers and convince existing owners to upgrade.

The big picture: But whereas once upon a time the biggest issues with such cameras were things like battery life and ease-of-use, the category is now bumping into a new, possibly tougher problem: these cameras are great when you're scaling Half Dome or snorkeling in Maui, but most of our lives just don't pack in enough action to justify such a camera.