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Most interns in top newsrooms come from very selective universities

A new study from Voices, a student program run by the Asian American Journalists Association, finds that 2 out of 3 summer interns from 7 top newsrooms came from among the most selective colleges in America.

By the numbers: "65% of summer interns from a group of publications including The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, NPR and Los Angeles Times, came from among very selective universities in the nation," the group writes in a blog post.

Trump rips NYT columnist Thomas Friedman on Twitter

President Trump lashed out at New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman in a series of Friday tweets, calling him "a weak and pathetic sort of guy" in response to a column titled "Trump’s Going to Get Re-elected, Isn’t He?"

"Thomas 'the Chin' Friedman, a weak and pathetic sort of guy, writes columns for The New York Times in between rounds of his favorite game, golf. Two weeks ago, while speaking to a friend on his cell phone, I unfortunately ended up speaking to Friedman. ... Really Nasty to me in his average I.Q. Columns, kissed my a.. on the call. Phony!"

The big picture: Friedman's piece, published on Tuesday, calls Trump a "racist, divisive, climate-change-denying, woman-abusing jerk" and argues that the Democratic Party should promote its "pro-growth," business-friendly sensibilities in order to defeat him in 2020.

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