Text messaging

The night of the wayward texts

Someone texting on a smartphone
Photo: Tim Robberts/Getty Images

If you woke up to a weird text Thursday, you aren't alone: A mysterious wave of messages swept America's phones overnight, delivering puzzling messages from friends, family and the occasional ex, the AP reports.

What happened: Friends who hadn't talked in months were jolted into chatting. The best explanation seems to be that old texts sent in the spring suddenly went through.

More doctors treating patients by text message

Illustration of a text message conversation featuring a sick person emoji, and a medical kit, shot, and pill emojis
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

More doctors are linking up with companies that allow them to treat patients via text or online chat, AP reports.

Why it matters: Texting provides a convenience even video chats can't provide, but there are limits to how much a doctor can help without seeing a patient at all.