Teacher strike

Kamala Harris unveils plan to give teachers $13,500 raise

Kamala Harris speaks at a school in Nevada. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

2020 Democratic candidate Sen. Kamala Harris has unveiled a teacher pay plan that would give the average teacher a $13,500 raise, after saying at a Houston rally last weekend that she would make the largest-ever federal investment in educators' pay if elected president.

Why it matters: Harris is the first 2020 candidate to release a plan like this. This proposal helps her expand her economic message to address one of the public crises we've seen play out over the last two years through teachers' strikes around the country.

Why Betsy DeVos' private school tax credit may not be the answer

Betsy devos behind a podium
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proposed a tax credit last month for people and businesses who donate money for children to attend private schools, a move that has stirred up the school choice debate among politicians and education analysts.

The big picture: Despite the encouragement for more growth through scholarships, New York City charter schools, which are funded by local taxes, grants and donations, reached their cap last week. If the state doesn’t lift the cap, charter growth will most likely end. Resources have begun to drain while enrollment for charter schools across the country has grown exponentially, causing teachers from charter schools to walk out this year for the first time ever.