Steve Jobs

Tim Cook becomes a leader

Tim Cook
Photo Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Tim Cook never wanted to be Apple's CEO: rather, he was thrust into the role by the untimely death of Steve Jobs.

The big picture: It took a while to get here, but Cook is no longer operating in Jobs's long shadow. In fact, he's arguably the most powerful and important CEO on the planet.

What we're reading: An excerpt from the memoir by Steve Jobs' daughter

Book cover of Small Fry, the forthcoming memoir from Lisa Brennan-Jobs

In a Vanity Fair excerpt from her upcoming memoir, Lisa Brennan-Jobs talks about the highs and lows of being Steve Jobs' kid.

The bottom line: Jobs was a complicated person: brilliant, frustrating, inspiring and abrasive all at the same time. That was as true for Brennan-Jobs as it was for those who worked with him.