Steve Jobs

Apple's design-visionary void

Illustration of a receding Apple logo
Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

Apple has long prided itself that it knew what consumers wanted even before they did. Now, with Steve Jobs long gone and design guru Jony Ive now out the door, the big question is who at Apple can see what's around the next corner and bring it to market.

Driving the news: Apple pushed back hard this week against a Wall Street Journal story that portrayed Ive as checked out and disaffected and declared that his departure "cemented the triumph of operations over design at Apple."

Tim Cook becomes a leader

Tim Cook
Photo Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Tim Cook never wanted to be Apple's CEO: rather, he was thrust into the role by the untimely death of Steve Jobs.

The big picture: It took a while to get here, but Cook is no longer operating in Jobs's long shadow. In fact, he's arguably the most powerful and important CEO on the planet.