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The next stage of the AV industry: consolidating and refocusing

Illustration of road sign with multiple arrows merging
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Dozens of AV-related companies have launched in the past few years, but recent consolidation suggests there may be a limit to how many companies can muster the data and talent to succeed.

The big picture: As saturation continues into 2019, players lacking in capital face a choice between joining a more powerful player and narrowing their focus.

Fewer new businesses are emerging than before the Great Recession

The economy may be doing fine, but it’s still producing fewer new businesses every year than it did before the Great Recession struck. That's according to an analysis by the Economic Innovation Group, a policy and advocacy group founded by Sean Parker.

Screenshot of graph
Screenshot of graph from EIG report, based on data from U.S. Census Bureau

Driving the news: According to the latest Census Bureau data, 2016 was the best year for U.S. business formation since the financial crisis a decade ago. While that’s good news for the economy, the startup rate is still well below historical norms.

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