Smart homes

Alexa users' addresses can be found by Amazon's audit team

Case of Amazon Alexa products in a store
Photo: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Amazon's Alexa audit team, which helps improve responses for the online assistant, has the ability to obtain customers' home addresses via their location data, Bloomberg reports.

Why it matters: While there is no evidence that Amazon employees have attempted to do so, with Amazon telling Bloomberg that these instances are "highly controlled," it's yet another example of how customers can fail to understand how much personal data they're sharing by utilizing Big Tech products and services.

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Amazon buys Eero as a key to smart home market

In this picture, a deconstructed Amazon delivery box is shaped into a house, and wifi signals erupt from the top of the house.
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Amazon's purchase of hardware startup Eero isn't hard to explain: The company's smart home ambitions depend on fast, reliable Wi-Fi throughout the home, and Eero's mesh routers help deliver that.

Why it matters: Amazon is putting all the pieces together for a comprehensive smart home system, with Alexa's voice presiding over constellations of Echo speakers, Blink home security systems, and Ring smart doorbells.