Senior citizens

Baby boomers are the loneliest generation

An elderly man sits at a table with his hands folded.
Photo: Florian Gaertner/Photothek via Getty Images

In "Americans, More Than Ever, Are Aging Alone," the Wall Street Journal's Janet Adamy and Paul Overberg report that "Loneliness undermines health and is linked to early mortality — and baby boomers are especially feeling the effects."

The big picture: "Baby boomers are ag­ing alone more than any gen­er­a­tion in U.S. his­tory, and the re­sult­ing lone­li­ness is a loom­ing pub­lic health threat."

Exclusive poll: People want to live longer, but maybe not to 100

Data: SurveyMonkey online poll conducted Nov. 13-15, 2018, among 3,222 U.S. adults. Total margin of error is ±2.5 percentage points; Poll methodology; Chart: Chris Canipe/Axios

Science may make it possible for people to live past 100, but a new Axios poll found that Americans aren't exactly jazzed about living that long.

Why it matters: Most Americans do want to live longer than their average life expectancy now, but they're not thrilled about living a life of "oy, my back." The poll, conducted by SurveyMonkey for Axios on HBO, shows they want to be sure they can live independently and won't be in constant pain.

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