Sean Spicer

Report: Trump inauguration photos were cropped by National Park Service

President Trump's inauguration crowd
President Trump's inauguration crowd. Photo: Bill OLeary/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Investigators were told by a government photographer that empty spaces in President Trump's inauguration photos were intentionally removed to make the crowd appear larger, after receiving complaints from the president and former Press Secretary Sean Spicer, CNN reports.

Why it matters: The admission from the photographer confirms dozens of photos and reports following the inauguration that there were, in fact, smaller crowds. The administration initially denied claims that the crowd size was smaller than what could be seen from the stage, and Spicer called it "the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration."

What we're watching: Sean Spicer grilled by the BBC

BBC's Emily Maitlis interviewing Sean Spicer via satellite.
Emily Maitlis and Sean Spicer. Photo: Screen-grab from BBC.

Sean Spicer is touring with his new book, The Briefing: Politics, the Press and the President, and he's facing some pushback along the way.

The details: ABC News' Jonathan Karl reviewed it in the Wall Street Journal, saying it's "much like his tenure as press secretary: short, littered with inaccuracies and offering up one consistent theme: Mr. Trump can do no wrong." BBC Newsnight's Emily Maitlis told him on-air that he has "corrupted discourse for the entire world by going along with these lies."